Perspectives on assessing foster carers: A cross-country comparison of the factors that are associated with successful placements

Vânia S. Pinto, PhD student, InED, REES Centre, Department of Education, University of Oxford, England    As part of the alternative placement process, foster carers play an important role by contributing to the integration of looked after children into a family environment, and promoting their wellbeing and development. The main aim of this research project is to understand which are […]

Practices of foster care regulation to promote continuity in care

Ludovic Jamet, IDEFHI, France  Anne Oui, ONPE France  From 2013 to 2015, the French observatory of child protection (ONPE) has conducted a study on foster care as it is organized by French counties. This study combines a survey about foster carers’  working   conditions   in   different   French  counties  and   interviews   with   social   and administrative actors. This   study   had   two   purposes:   taking   […]

Continuities and discontinuities in the transition from a short-term foster family to a long-term family

Mary Beek, Researcher, University of East Anglia, UK  Gillian  Schofield, Researcher University of East Anglia, UK  Elsbeth Neil, Researcher University of East Anglia, UK The transition from a short-term foster family to a long-term family carries risks as well as benefits.  Children who are already vulnerable from earlier losses must be separated from foster carers who have usually become loved and trusted primary caregivers. There is […]

Comparing the Efficacy of Two Interventions to Promote Lasting Relationships for Foster Youth

Liat Shklarski, PhD student, City University of New York, United States  Many foster youth have childhood histories of maltreatment and trauma (Samuels & Pryce, 2008) and struggle with forming and sustaining lasting relationships with adults (Avery, 2010). The Fostering Connections to Success and Adoptions Act (United States Congress 2008) recognizes that all youth need a relationship with a caring, committed […]