Could evaluation of babies’ relational withdrawal be a key to understand the effect of parental visitation for babies placed out of home?

Alexandra Deprez, Researcher, LPPS- PARIS 5, France Jacqueline Wendland, Researcher, LPPS- PARIS 5, France The question of parental visitation with children removed from parental care has gained interest in recent literature. However, considerable controversy and ambiguity remains with regards to the impact of such contact on children’s wellbeing. Importantly, the lack of appropriate measurements of […]

“Emotional Triangle”: Experience of Foster Parents in Their Relationship with Non-relative Foster Child and Biological Family

Ramuné Bagdonait-Stelmokien, PhD student, university Lithuania Vytautas Magnus, university Lithuania  The paper sets out to discuss the experience of non-relative foster parents as reflected in their relationship with a foster child and a child’s biological family. It presents the results of the qualitative research. The chosen analysis strategy is a constructive grounded theory developed by Charmaz (2006, […]

Between breaks and continuities, the question of the links in foster care family in France

Chapon Nathalie, Researcher, Université Aix Marseille, France  The conference intends to weave research in France, on the experience of foster care, in reference to the support and care of the links between foster families, origin families and the children in care. The conference will be share research findings and questions on the pathways of children in foster care, their […]

Reunification and replacement in childhood and relationship with parents as adults

Gunvor Andersson, Researcher, Lund University, School of Social Work, Sweden The primary study, initiating my longitudinal research project, was an in-depth study of all the (26) 0-4-year old children who were placed in the one remaining children´s home in a city in Sweden at some time during a two-year period at the beginning of the 1980s and stayed there […]