Rethinking Mental Health: Foster Children, Emotions and Behaviour

Pascal Rudin, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Switzerland  Literature highlights that the prevalence of mental health diagnoses amongst foster children is significantly higher than in the general population of children (McMillenet al. 2005; Schmid et al. 2008). Amongst all these diagnoses, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common to be found (Abraham, 2010). Although non-pharmacological […]

The foster child development in regard of emotion regulation strategies

Pauline Simon Herrera, PhD student, Université Paris 8 – Université Paris Lumière, France  Nathalie Duriez, Researcher, Université Paris 8 – Université Paris Lumière, France  Alain Blanchet, Researcher Université Paris 8 – Université Paris Lumière, France       The objective of our study is to understand how a child is building its Emotion Regulation (ER) strategies within the context of foster care. Preschool children learn ER strategies from infancy. Parental […]