The process of placement change

Lisa Holmes, Researcher, Loughborough University, United Kingdom  Claire Baker, Researcher, Loughborough University, United Kingdom  Helen Trivedi, Researcher, Loughborough University, United Kingdom     This presentation will draw on a series of recently completed empirical studies focused on children in out of home care in the UK. A specific focus will be placed on the findings about children’s experience of foster care, their relationships within the fostering household and the […]

Conceptualizing secure care for child protection motives: Can placement disruptions in foster care offer stability?

Mathilde Turcotte, Researcher, Institut universitaire du Centre jeunesse de Québec, Canada  François  Fenchel, Researcher, Université Laval, Canada  Nadine  Lanctôt, Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada  Denis  Lafortune, Researcher Université de Montréal, Canada  In Canada, seven provinces have provisions under which an adolescent can be placed in so-called “secure care” or “secure treatment” under the Child Protection Act, if he or she caused or attempted to cause serious bodily harm […]

Placement instability and its psychological shifts: the centrality of adolescent girls’ sense of agency

Sophie Hébert, Researcher, Centre jeunesse de Montréal, CANADA Nadine Lanctôt, Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke, CANADA  Mathilde Turcotte, Researcher, Université Laval, CANADA A considerable proportion of all children placed outside the home experience unstable placement patterns. From the perspective of child well-being, it is important to understand the psychological shifts experienced by foster children who are following an unstable placement pattern (Unrau et al., 2010; Tremblay […]

The effect of instability on children in foster care: a compilation of evidence

Carme Montserrat, Researcher, University of Girona, Spain Stability plays a key role in children’s lives, and especially in the lives of children in foster care. Evidence gathered over years of research has led us to think that it is crucial for both policy-makers and practitioners to take this aspect into account when developing action plans. Some examples are the […]