Decision-making, Predictors of placement outcomes

John Fluke, Researcher, University of Colorado, United States  Dana M. Hollinshead, Researcher, Kempe Center, University of Colorado  Whether the focus is on assessments of clients, foster care entry, or planned permanent exits from care, child welfare decision makers influence these key outcomes. To effectively implement and evaluate interventions aimed at affecting these outcomes, we must understand how […]

Perspectives on assessing foster carers: A cross-country comparison of the factors that are associated with successful placements

Pinto Vânia S.,  PhD student,  InED, REES Centre, Department of Education,University of Oxford, United Kingdom As part of the alternative placement process, foster carers play an important role by contributing to the integration of looked after children into a family environment, and promoting their wellbeing and development. The main aim of this research project is to understand […]

The contribution of matching to the success of a foster care placement

López López Monica, Researcher, University of Groningen, The Netherlands  Kirti Zeijlmans, Researcher, University of Groningen, The Netherlands  Hans Grietens, Researcher, University of Groningen, The Netherlands   Erik Knorth, Researcher, University of Groningen, The Netherlands  Despite the potential influence of matching decisions on the course of a placement, matching remains an understudied topic in child welfare research. The matching is a complex decision-making process in which a […]