Part-time foster care: integration of educational and affective relationships

Franca Amione, Researcher, Comune di Trieste – Area Servizi e Politiche Sociali – Gruppo affidi, Italia

Franco Bruni, ASUITS- Consultorio Familiare, Italia

Elena De Cocce, Paola Tagliapietra, Comune di Trieste – Area Politiche e Servizi Sociali – Gruppo affidi, Italia

Part-time foster care rappresents a support to fragile family. The purpose is prevent the child removal away his family. In a family which is going through a period of crisis, part-time foster care can represent a seminal opportunity to preserve the integrity parental continuity. The meeting between the child’s parents and their part-time foster carers should promote the integration of the educational and effective relationships that have already been established. Potential part-time foster carers should be able to gradually integrate themselves in the family’s everyday life, without prejudices or fixing ambitions. It is part of the Service duties to organise and manage which consists of common objectives, timescales, and rules agreed with all the figures involved in the fostering process. The characteristics of part-time foster carers should include mental flexibility, keen interest, and patience in order to become a fundamental source of support for the assisted family.


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Key words : part-time foster care, seminal opportunity, integration of educational and affective relationships, parental function

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